Michael Blowen reading the book to Little Silver Charm himself..

Michael Blowen reading the book to Little Silver Charm himself..

Little Silver Charms’s origins are shrouded in mystery.  We know nothing of his early years. His journey to super-stardom began in 2001 at Rockingham Park race track in New Hampshire, when he was rescued from a truck headed to the slaughter auction.

Trainer Lorita M. Lindemann  heard a ferocious banging coming from the back of what’s known as the “killer truck,” a trailer that picks up race horses considered too broken down to be rehabilitated and transports them to the slaughter auction. Lorita climbed up the side of the truck and peered in. There he was, an angry little horse who obviously knew he was destined for bigger and better things, kicking the side of the truck as though he knew his life depended on it. The truck driver told Lorita that he was such a pain in the neck that she could have him for $40. What’s more he’d throw in the little horse’s travelling companions, three Muscovy ducks and a small black goat.

“He was dirty and his mane was matted and full of old ribbons,” Lorita said. “I had to cut it all off.”

Lorita named him Brownie and kept him in a stall.  Michael Blowen visited weekly to look in on the horses Lorita trained for him. Michael soon befriended the little horse.  The racetrack management was not as charmed as Michael. They ordered Lorita to get rid of the little horse, saying that only Thoroughbreds could be kept in the barn.

Michael was moving to Kentucky and offered to take Brownie with him. He re-named him Little Silver Charm, after his all-time favorite horse.

Little Silver Charm settled in to life in Midway, Kentucky. The back yard of the house that Michael and his wife Diane moved into overlooked a horse farm. He spent many happy hours staring at the mares next door. Sometimes he came into the house to watch television. Michael took him on long walks around Midway, and he soon became a familiar local figure. He was invited to appear at schools and at library events, at restaurant openings and parades.

Little Silver Charm’s talent for public relations was obvious to everyone who met him. When Michael started Old Friends he naturally named him the organization’s official spokeshorse and mascot. The rest is history. Now Charmie, as he’s known to his intimate friends, presides over the Old Friends herd of more than 150 Thoroughbreds, including many famous champions, among them Silver Charm.