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Little Silver Charm Book Cover

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It’s true what they say: when one door closes, another one opens. Only sometimes it smacks you in the head.
Alone and frightened and fleeing for his life, Little Silver Charm literally crashed headlong into an open door. Lucky thing for the miniature horse, it was the door of a horse trailer bound for Old Friends Farm for retired Thoroughbreds. That wallop to the head may have cost Little Silver Charm his memory, but it started him on a fantastical life journey among down-home barn rats, a pedigree-quoting owl, a sassy skunk, and a veritable Who’s Who of world champion Thoroughbred racehorses.

Little Silver Charm is a funny and whimsically wise story about second chances, true friendship, and the how the most unlikely paths can lead to discovering who you truly are.

The real-life Little Silver Charm was purchased off a slaughter truck for $40 by trainer Lorita Lindemann and given a permanent home at Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky. Now, the tiny horse has found a way to repay that act of kindness. Fifty percent of the profits from his book will benefit the retired Thoroughbreds of Old Friends Farm.

Louisville author Dan Rhema has written a humorous and touching tale of Little Silver Charm, a miniature horse with amnesia, and his quest to discover his true identity.

In the novel, Little Silver Charm is saved from Earl Lumpkin, a determined dogcatcher, by Michael Blowen, the founder of Old Friends Farm a home for retired Thoroughbred racehorses. The tiny horse is befriended by a couple of down-home barn rats, a racing-pedigree-quoting owl, a sassy skunk and the Thoroughbreds themselves, as he embarks on a series of adventures to find out where he belongs.

In real life, the miniature horse was bought off a slaughter truck for $40 at Rockingham Park. Little Silver Charm’s good fortune has led him to a new life at Old Friends Farm. Now, the tiny horse has found a way to repay Michael’s act of kindness in befriending him at Rockingham Park. 50% of the profits from the sales of the book, Little Silver Charm, will benefit the retired Thoroughbreds of Old Friends Farm.

Little Silver Charm is an imaginative, engaging book, filled with charming characters — old friends and some new ones, too — along with an incorrigible villain to add spice to the mix. Goodness and love triumph in the end, of course, as they forever should. Someone, perhaps Mr. Rhema himself, might consider converting this story to a screenplay — it would make a wonderful animated film.
Bill Mooney, Racing historian and Eclipse Award winning journalist
Dan Rhema captures the spirit of Old Friends and its resident good-luck charm, Little Silver Charm, in this enjoyable novel that will introduce young readers to the great work being done at this wonderful equine retirement facility.
Jay Privman, Award-winning writer with Daily Racing Form and proud Old Friends supporter